Shyless live at a hectic pace, despite their incredibly long lifespan. Given their small stature and the dangerous nature of their homeland, this is understandable. Amongst themselves, Shyless are enthusiastic and gregarious, gathering in large numbers for ceremonies or battle.

To outsiders, however, they often seem wary and dignified. Sometimes, this is caution on the part of the small lizard-folk, who have good reason to be wary of xenophobic humans or hungry Orcs. Other times, this is because the Shyless in question only half understands the strange language he is speaking, having to keep his speech slow so the odd mammals can understand him, all the while having to pre-plan his speech so he does not give (potentially fatal, in many cases) offense. Amongst their more physically powerful allies, the Shyless tend to be more relaxed and friendly, sometimes making up for the other’s habitual silence many times over.

Physical Description

Most Shyless stand around three feet tall, with a slim, elegant build more reminiscent of a crane than any reptile found outside their homeland. Their pebbled skin ranges from a pale green, darkening to near-black in some individuals. Their skin will tend to dull with age. Their bodies are held erect, with a tail as long as the rest of their body arcing out behind them for balance and swimming. They have a long neck topped with a narrow, crocodile-like head and a mouth filled with needle-like teeth, a feature that sometimes makes them look more vicious than they really are. Crowning their heads is a brilliant crest of skin, which shifts colour slowly. Males have slightly larger crests than females, and tend to have more intense shifts in colour. There skin, to, displays this chameleonic ability, geared more toward camouflage. Their hands have four digits, including an opposable thumb, tipped with narrow claws. These claws are triangular, with the blunt edge on the inside giving the small lizard-folk increased manual dexterity, while leaving the sharp points to be used as weapons or for climbing.

Typically, Shyless wear little more than a loincloth, some piercings (either gold rings or bone spikes) in their crest and some gold ornamentation on the arms, tip of the tail or base of the crest. Occasionally, the odd bright feather will make an appearance. Ambassadors, however, typically wear flowing robes (provided they are in a dryer climate) that allow them to conceal all manner of devices that might become necessary should the all-too-likely possibility of a negotiation turning sour occur.


Shyless dwell solely in the Scaled Empire, and this colours their opinions on other powers. Most Nimble Fingers are only dimly aware of the existence of the Great Empires that dominate the lands beyond the Blight. The Blight is their first and foremost concern, from whence tainted beast and, worse, their hated enemies the Nezumi spill forth from. While most Shyless understand that the Nezumi are little more than slaves, the war between the Scaled Empire and plague-bearers has gone on too long for anything but hatred to exist between the two races. Most Shyless have lost more than one friend to the Rat-folk, and any plague-bearer found by a Shyless had better have a non-Nezumi companion to vouch for his good behavior before she is filled with arrows. The nearby human nations and Orc tribes are considered minor threats, often senselessly violent, to be avoided unless one has a reason to seek them out.

Inside the Scaled Empire, the Shyless make up the majority of the population. ??? are respected, and generally left be unless they are considered a close friend. The large warriors tend to remind the Nimble Fingers far too much of their many predators under most circumstances, although no Ambassador would willingly turn down a pair of ??? bodyguards if the circumstances allowed them to come.


The Shyless live only in the lands controlled by the Scaled Empire. These lands are mostly wild and dangerous, populated by many large predators and poisonous creature and spends most of the year more than half-flooded.

This is exactly how the Shyless like it. While predators and accidents claim many each year, the jungle keeps most of their more dangerous, intelligent enemies at bay. Only the Nezumi have proven persistent enough to pose any real danger.


Most Shyless, and other inhabitants of the Scaled Empire, seek the patronage of the Dragon-Kings, who are virtually gods within their realm. Other than that, there are one other religion, the worship of ???, the Sun god, whose following has increased dramatically after the exploits of the warrior-Shaman Kukulkan.



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