Snake Clan

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The Snake clan were a clan of the Kingdom of Silver Stars 800 years ago, before being destroyed by the phoenix for the use of maho.


Isawa Chuda was orignally a member of the Isawa family of the Phoenix clan, known as being one of the most militarily-minded people amongst the pacifist Phoenix. In the year 21 of the era of Bountiful Growth (year 1279 dimrost), a plot against Emperor Wu was discovered by Isawa Chuda, and subsequently foiled. In gratitude, the emperor declared a new clan would join the court of the Silver Stars - the Snake clan, headed by the Chuda family.

Chronicles of the Snake clan

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Less than 100 years later, in the year 13 of the era of the Jade Dragon (year 1344 dimrost), Chuda Choro's father, the then-Daimyo, died. In an attempt to bring him back, Choro gave in to the temptations of the shuten doji, and learned to use maho, first using the blood of his sister Shinobu in an attempt to gain immortality. Within a year, the taint of maho had spread to all living members of the clan, at which point the elemental masters of the Phoenix discovered the presence of this taint. Within five days, virtually all members of the snake - men, women and children - were dead, killed by the samurai of the Phoenix.

When the rest of the empire discovered this, they were horrified, but the phoenix claimed that it was necessary for the survival of the empire.

The snake now

The few remaining members of the snake clan fled the slaughter and went into the shadowlands. There, they became powerful servants of Fu Leng, wielding maho in a perverted imitation of silverstari samurai serving their emperor.

Very recently, Chuda Shinobu was reincarnated as Isadora and Kuni Sang along with a Crane and a Crab samurai, tried to rescue Typhenon and Nakata Jin from the clutches of Thyrul. It appears that Shinobu shares some of the soul and memories of Jin, but as of yet it is not clear how or why Shinobu returned.

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