The Descent Of Myronment


The Tree is on the verge of godhood. Daemonic forces are converging on Myronment, intending to make the Tree a force of evil. Against near-impossible odds, can the daemons be stopped?


Argyranthe, a druid and the voice of the Tree
Faolan, a Shyen spellcaster
Kallias Damianos, a tiefling warrior returning home
Surd and Tawny, the orc and the healer recently freed from the Tower
Urkepi, a warrior from a distant land
Viper, a quiet, emotionless, deadly Dimrosian assassin

The Beginning

Things Unnatural

Argyranthe is tired and full of worry from her ministrations of the Tree. She feels it dying and does not know if there is anything she can do. Lord Jaakkima comes to see her, wanting to know of the poison in the land. Argyranthe tells him, despite his presence making her ill. Jaakkima, wanting to give his people hope, offers her his hand in marriage. Argyranthe faints at the offer, and when she wakes, rebuffs him, hysterical, and drives him away with her panicked tears. With the help of a healer, she recovers, but cannot shake the fear that clings to her.


Freed from the Tower, Tawny and Surd are flown by Kukulkhan into Myronment, carrying with them all that they had from their month imprisoned (including the iron greatsword of the Shyen Angus). Going straight to the Lord Jaakkima to have him repeal Tawny's banishment, Surd and Tawny find the Lord incapacitated with grief. Tawny comforts him, but Surd, unable to deal with un-orcky emotion, leaves the main hall. He spends some time under the naked branches of the Tree, and makes a vow to undo the unnatural damage caused it by the sudden coming of snow.

A Secret Mission

Viper has been biding her time within Myronment for who-knows-how-long, waiting for an opportunity to complete her orders from Dimrost: assassinate the Lord Jaakkima. Disgused and biding her time, Viper now feels it is the moment to strike. She finds a new disguise and a new location - ignoring a small daemonic attack and leaving it for others to deal with - she readies her crossbow and waits for Jaakkima to show himself. Suddenly, snow descends, and the Tree drops all its leaves at once.

Returning Home

Kallais returns, from his time of travels in the north, to Myronment, only to find it very different from how he left. He is greeted with suspicion, and a daemon attacks him outside the city walls.

Looking for Loved Ones

Urkepi travelled from the Holy Domain of Light, searching for her brother Ranubi, who she had not heard from in some time. His last message to her had spoken of alchemists in Myronment, and she was determined to begin her search there.

Faolan travelled all the way from Shyen lands to see this giant Tree his brother told him of. Wide-eyed and full of wonder, he has not come here to fight daemons, but he enthusiastically joins Urkepi and Kallias in dispatching the foe outside the city's walls.

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