The Empire Aeterna

The Empire Aeterna is a group of nine states which stretch from the north to the south coast of Tsiran. Theocratic in nature, they worship a pantheon of seven gods, and all other religions are banned - merely worshipping is tolerated with suspiscion, but any attempt to convert, publicly declare, or otherwise share religions from without is treated as blasphemy and treason, and dealt with harshly.


* Custodis: The central west territory, Custodis holds quite strong ties to Caementi, whose lands it borders.
* Umbern: Southwest territory, south of Custodis and sharing a border with Storm's Hold. Known for barbaric power.
* Libitura: Northwest territory, has recently lost some territory in the Myrmelachin expansions.
* Lacrimas: Northeast territory, this region holds the strongest naval ties to the northern seas.
* Aeternam: South of Lacrimas and near-central to the empire, this is the capital region.
* Maiori: South of Aeternam, this long, thin territory is the source of the magical strength of the empire.
* Respican: Mountain range stretching between Aeternam and Maiori on one side, and Volente and Cavdala on the other.
* Volente: South of Umbern and west of Caudala, this region is known as an enemy of Storm's Hold, fighting their beasts on land and sea.
* Caudala: Southwest of Respican, this region has only recently been added to the empire.


Central Pantheon:

Aeternus - As the great lord over all the empire, Aeternus is the father of the gods, and the lord of life and death.
Virtutis Umbra - Virtutis Umbra is the Shadow of Virtue - patron of spies and guardsmen, watching from the shadows to ensure that Virtue is strong.
Irae - The lord of War, Irae is the master of war, both within and without. The patron of the least soldier to the greatest general, it is in his name that the empire expands, and defends its lands.
Juris - Juris is the lord of construction, order, and boundaries. He watches over the running of the empire, and holds the status quo.
Anguis - Anguis is the patron of all those who must travel to do their work - messengers, merchants, and hunters.
Culpa - Culpa is the patron of reward, that work done for the empire should be repaid in kind.
Adiuvante - The most distant of the gods, Adiuvante is nature, begged for its blessings and for its mercy from devastation.

Regional Patrons:

* Custodis: Redivivus, a healer said to possess such a spark of life that she could bring life wherever there had been life before, and perhaps even where there had not been.
* Umbern: Myrdinar, a warrior who brought the barbarian tribes living on the edge of Storm's Hold together and joined them to the Empire.
* Libitura: Praeceptum
* Lacrimas: Glorias, a fanatic and missionary who averted a civil war in Northern Aeterna using nothing but diplomacy and the grace of the gods, preventing considerable bloodshed.
* Aeternam: Aetatis, the man who brought the first states together to become the Empire Aeterna, surviving against all odds and becoming the first Patron.
* Maiori: Maiorus, a mysterious mage who brought order to the arcane workings of the Empire and saw that they were used for the empire's benefit.
* Respican: Custos Morum, a holy warrior who fought thanklessly for the protection of the empire and took charge of fortifying the mountain range of Respican to hold it.
* Volente: Acrior Ensis, a great sea captain, whose efforts are responsible for the southern seas being traversable to this day.
* Caudala: Caudala has no patron as of yet, being so recently joined to the empire


The symbol of Aeterna is the Ouroboros, a snake biting its own tail, symbolising the eternal nature of the Empire. This is usually depicted in red on a white background, and such is the crest of Aeterna as a whole, but different colours are often used to symbolise the different gods - for instance, clerics or followers of Anguis will usually wear a brown serpent on green, as these are the colours of the Hunter's god and also allow far better blending in many natural environments.

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