The Exile Temple Of The Three

Located nearly two day's travel to the north of Rest, the Exile's temple is constructed in an old dragon's network of caves - labyrinthine, full of traps and tricks, and well hidden from the outside world. Though the rather out-of-the-way place is not convenient for immediate work in the various cities, it is an exceptionally well-fortified and concealed location, and it is from here that the Three plan their works in the newly conquered Exile.

Within the Three, the temple is primarily aligned towards Elona, who sees the most work in Rest; Closely followed by Caalix, mainly due to the surprisingly large population of Dragonkin within the temple. Feloqui's position in the temple is at present a small squad devoted to ending threats in the region, the majority of Feloqui's forces working autonomously in and around Bastion; however, their leader is pressing to expand their work against the interlopers and this balance of power may soon change.

Key people and factions within the temple:


- Head: The man who leads Feloqui's head has not been seen in the temple for several years now, working hard on the border to keep the demons at bay.
- Acting head: Baldassare, previously a follower of Caalix, who failed his mission of protection and has since sworn his life to hunting evil wherever it hides.


Head: A truly mighty dragonkin known as Arornwaere Litrix holds the title of Caalix's head and the chief protector of the temple.


Head: Viviana, a middle-aged woman still bursting with life and energy, heads Elona's section of the temple.

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