The Fall Of Ancestors


The world lies swathed in Darkness. To the north, the Empire of Ancestors labors under the oppression of mad, undying figments, powerful ghosts controlling every aspect of mortal life. To the south, the Domain of the Holy Light maintains a brutal program of extermination against the restless dead and their human servants, a religious war where innocence proves nothing, and the truth is found under the Scrutators' knives. Hiding in the shadows, the last haggard worshipers of the near forgotten good gods plot to bring down both dictatorships, but must content themselves with saving as many people as they can and making as much difference as they are able.

Over all looms the shadow of R, Arch-Prince of the distant Shadowlands.

Can a worthy few turn the tide against death and reckless hate? Can you?


Kek Darkfire

The story so far

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