The Gathering

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Chapter 1: The Gathering

A short time ago, the temple of The Three at Epiach sent a group of holy warriors on a quest to clear out and/or destroy The Sunken Tower, not only a site of worship for Onagal, the dark god of pestilence and necromancy, but in fact a direct portal into his hell. Somewhat uncomfortable with having a potential portal to such a dimension so close by, action had to be taken.

Unfortunately, after this issue, no further sign was seen of the group, which was even more concerning, so a second group of holy warriors was sent out to find out the fate of the first and, if necessary, finish the job. At first this group consisted only of two, but by the grace of the gods it was hinted that they would be able to find more allies on their way.

Drog, an orc raised in the Temple, and Typhenon were the first, and began by visiting a tavern called the White Wolf within the capital city, where they met with Garreth, a reformed thief and casual follower of Elona, and Mya, a Thelemitist of some power. By divine prompting, the four came together, without entirely being sure why - at least in the case of the two newcomers, who had not before met each other, let alone these two.

In that tavern they were visited by the Three themselves, who encouraged the group to join forces and strike forward. Awed by this visitation, the group soon strode forward.

On the road to the south, the group was intercepted by a group of wolf-riding goblins. Though quickly dispatched, this particular incident would have long-lasting repercussions as one of the goblins was taken in by Drog. At first a prisoner, the goblin soon became attached to Drog, and effectively joined the party. At the time known as "wolfboy", this goblin was in fact female, and later renamed Skarsnik.

Finally the group made their way to Myromet, where they were given a rather frosty welcome from the local rangers, mainly due to the presence of a hated orc and goblin. Reluctantly giving the group permission to rest in the city on condition of an armed escort for Drog at all times. Finding assistance in the form of two alchemists who had knowledge of the tower's location, they set their bearings and moved off with intent to assault the tower proper.

The Campaign
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