The Jade Edge Of Unavoidable Dawn

The Jade Edge of Unavoidable Dawn, is the legendary katana of Hogasha Kenkoshi, first king of the Hogasha dynasty of the Kingdom of Yu, invested with great magical power and associated with the rightful sovereignty of Yu. Upon his death it passed to his son, Hogasha Tomatsun, and became part of the Heavenly Regalia of Yu.

Sometimes the Jade Edge and the Sword of Yu are claimed to be the same weapon, but the majority of scholars consider them separate, a fact born out by recent events. In high silverstari the sword is called Hisuiha-no-Sakerarenaiyoake.



The Jade Edge was forged by Uminatsu Chatsanik, a master swordsmith of the Kaminari School, in 1011 using iron sourced from the royal mine on Yama Omokumi-san. The sharpened jade edge was carved by Shike Tomasa from a single piece of yellow jade, Asahihisui, sourced from the monastery-mine at Yama Sushiru-san. History does not record the names of the polisher, metal-carver or mounter of the blade, though they were likely members of the Kaminari school.

The Jade Edge is the first recorded hisuiken, or jade sword. Forged before the advent of the Hisuibuki Tsuyoku Saru-no-Gishiki, the Jade Weapon Strengthening Ceremony, the Jade Edge had only its cutting edge constructed from jade. The remainder of the blade is forged in the Soshu Kitae style, allowing the carved jade edge to be inserted.

Originally, the edge was formed from a single piece of unaugmented yellow jade but over time and use this edge fractured and was replaced many times. In 1487 the yellow jade edge was completely replaced with an edge constructed using the Jade Ceremony. This current edge was carved from deep green jade, Kaisohisui, by the royal jadesmith Imuraka Tsuki, due to Yama Sushiru-san having fallen under the Shadow in 1348. Similarly, the original tsuba was replaced in 1512, and the over the centuries the saya and other trappings have been replaced many times. All the original pieces of the blade and saya that have been recovered are interred in an undisclosed location in Tokai.

Early History

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The Jade Edge was originally commissioned only a few days after Kenkoshi came to power during his coup. Both Yaburarenai-no-Tetesukumo, the Unbroken Iron Spider sword of King Suyabaki Suhiro and Omoi-Gimu, Heavy Duty, Kenkoshi's naganata, had been sundered during their duel. The forging of the Jade Edge was seen as both a symbol of a new age and a re-dedication of the Yu to their fight against the Shadow.

Battle Honours

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Given the significance and great antiquity of the Jade Edge, it has seen combat in every major engagement since its creation. It has been wielded in battle by every Hogasha king baring Hogasha Kaji, and by numerous princes of the realm. As such, the history of the blade is intimately tied to the battle history of the Yu.

Loss to the Shadow

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The Jade Edge of Unavoidable Dawn fell under the shadow on the fifth of midwinter, 2139, an infamous date later known as the Day of the Battle of Black Sword Decapitation. The circumstances surrounding the loss of the Jade Edge are confused, exacerbated by the chaos of the battle and the lack of reliable eye-witness accounts.

What is known is that the Jade Edge was bestowed on First Prince Hogasha Danoro by his father, King Hogasha Kuroda, on the previous day because Kuroda would be attending the marriage of his youngest son, Hogasha Kaji, an event later known as the Wedding Feast of Tears and Blood. Kuroda allegedly felt that the blade would be needed on the Wall. Word of his fathers assassination during the ceremony reached Danoro, by then technically king, quickly but he elected to remain on the wall, a decision that would prove fateful.

During the battle Danoro's guard was overrun on the wall despite the intervention of his brother,Hogasha Kiyoshiji, who was likewise overrun. When the reinforcements lead by Hogasha Tako retook the wall, the bodies of both brothers, as well as the Jade Edge, had disappeared, seemingly taken into the Shadow. Nothing has been seen of the blade since, and its loss has been seen as indicative that the Hogasha Dynasty has lost its mandate to rule.

Confusion between the Jade Edge and the Sword of Yu

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Considerable confusion exists in some quarters between the Jade Edge and the legendary Sword of Yu, Some legends amongst the peasantry claim the two swords are the same, others that the Jade Edge is inspired by the Yu in a dream. Given the recent discovery of the Blade of Lord Yu and the fact that the blade is not even a katana, such legends are patently false.

Form and Attributes

The Jade Edge has the characteristic form of a Kaminari katana, a style widely favoured by the Yu and certain Makoto. As such, it is somewhat short at 30 inches in length, with a thick blade two inches wide and a relatively deep curvature. These elements combine to create a slow but hard hitting blade.

As mentioned before, the blade is forged in the Soshu Kitae style, creating a blade of exceptional quality and allowing the cutting edge of hard steel to be replaced with Asahihisui, and later Kaisohisui.

The Jade Edge was originally blessed by Shugenja Matoshi Isakiro, and gifted with great power to smite the tainted legions of the Shadow.

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