The One Sun

The One Sun

The One Sun is a god of fire and tyranny, and is a powerful central religion in Dimrost.

The One Sun
Region Universal(?)
Portfolio Fire, evil,
Pantheon None
Symbol Golden Sunburst


The role of the sun god was originally held by a powerful, benevolent god. However, in the current state of the world, the god in question has been put out of commission, and their name and history lost to the ages; In their place has risen The One Sun, an evil god of fire masquerading as the Sun.


The god recruits members through fear and threat, noting that devout believers will not be consumed by His flame.


Most Dimrosian cities have a temple to the One Sun - it is a central deity in their pantheon. What power it has beyond Dimrost is unknown; However, it is known to have powerful servitors, including a great dragon of immeasurable age.


The Party has violated one of the great temples of the One Sun. The clerics were battled and killed, and the gold leaf on the walls of the Teifi temple was scraped off and redistributed amongst the city's peasantry. The Epiach temple was defiled by the undead during Thyrul's siege of the city.

Kukulkan, a worshipper of the sun and nature, has declared war against the blasphemous One Sun, and seeks nothing less than the religion's annihilation.

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