The Prophesy Of Ansheer

An ancient prophesy found within the vaults of Epiach's Temple to The Three. It has been translated into modern Dimrosian, but even so contains some errors - unfortunately it is difficult to tell what was intended and what wasn't.

The Prophesy of Ansheer

In the end time will rise heroes, the champions of light and by these names shall they be known and by these signs shall ye know them.

The Martyr

The martyr will bear the dark mark and a heavy burden. The martyr will live for others and take no life.

The Warlord

The warlord will be shunned by the believers and embraced by the doubting. he will repay love with love and mistrust with mistrust.

The Hidden

The hidden will be as a broken knife. He will rise on another's star, but fall by his own hand.

The Terror

The terror will be a foe of darkness. The hour of midnight and noon will mark him. His wrath is born of sorrow.

The Twilight

The twilight will stand on the edge of a knife. His voice shall be honey, but his heart shall be ashes.

The Dawn

The dawn shall reveal truth to half-clothed minds. He shall seek harsh freedoms over gentle bondage. He shall be as the wilds.

The Changeling

The changeling shall alter all. 'Ware him, for not all change is good.

Others shall rise and fall who's deeds are no less noble or true. But their fates and stories are obscured.

To challenge the heroes will rise the Cursed, the Forsworn, the Forsaken. Know them as dark mirrors.

The Deceiver

The deceiver shall wear a raiment of silver. From small seeds, bitter harvest shall spring.

The Betrayer

The betrayer shall trade midnight fro the void. He shall be an undying foe, but by his own hand fall.

The Dragon

The dragon shall gather about him shadows and flame. Born of dark sacrifice, by dark sacrifice reborn.

The Tyrant

The tyrant shall reforge the shattered blade. He shall sow dark seed and his fruit shall be as poison.

The Seducer

The seducer's faces shall be many. He shall dance ruins and sow downfall. By shadows born, and by shadows unmade.

The Blade

The cause of the blade shall be his cause. Once to fall but twice to fail. An injustice born of oversight.

The Mirror

The mirror shall shatter and be reformed. Born of deceit, the cracks unhealed. Undone by book and blade.

The last shall go unchallenged. Many other shadows shall breed in the dark, Three grant me that their deeds go unremarked.

Thus spake Ansheer at his Matyrdom. It is told that the blade that smote Ansheer shall reveal more.

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