The Sunken Tower

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On their road to The Sunken Tower from Myronmet, the group encountered two very inhuman allies. The first was the Shyless, Kukulkan, whose draconic gods had moved over hundreds of miles to land (rather unceremoniously) in the path of the group, with orders to assist them in their trials to come. Although wary about this creature, of a species none of them had ever before heard of, they needed all the help they could get in the trials to come.

The second was Xim the Wolflord, a female shaman and shapeshifter of considerable power, whose magic had sealed the evils of the tower beneath the earth. They would need her help to access it - and to escape it, whether or not they succeeded.

Finding the entrance to the temple, they agreed on a signal that would bid her return, and she sealed the entrance above them, locking them into the pit of horrors beneath…

Setting about the business of cleansing the temple of its inhabitants, they at first had only to deal with minions - skeletal warriors of near-insignificant power, and demons of pestilence and ooze - but soon the ire of the temples' masters were raised, and "the child gloves came off". (This was not a metaphor - these ARE servants of the god of death.)

Insufficiently prepared or powerful for the horrors within, the group soon found themselves targeted by nearly every creature in the temple, and never made it down past the first level. They did discover the unfortunate fate of the previous group - they had made it down further, with the aid of a mysterious and disturbingly powerful mage, and found a being of unfathomable power sleeping below - A child of Onagal himself.

Naturally unwilling to let such a potential evil survive, the group attempted to slaughter this beast, and in the end succeeded. However, the pure evil that radiated from even the blood of the slain beast tainted them beyond recall, and most were irredeemably corrupted; the exception being Soulske, whose piety gave him some degree of resistance - not enough to be untouched, but enough to keep his sanity and soul intact with a considerable and continuous effort of will.

Against the masters of the temple, Hrethel and K'gywar, and their hordes of servants both living and unliving they made their stand while they waited for Xim to return and unseal the temple so they could leave. Many of the temple's inhabitants were killed - or at least deanimated - in the ensuing battle. The two masters survived, although K'gywar was repeatedly humiliated, his spells bouncing harmlessly off Drog and an attempted pincer attack resulting in a bookshelf falling on him, courtesy of Kukulkan's trapmaking talent. Some of the temple's inhabitants - notably a group of Nezumi Ronin - were captured instead of killed, and encouraged to fight against the temple's foes for a chance at freedom for themselves - at one point tipping the balance from overwhelming odds.

However, in the process, Mya was killed in one of the assaults by a collection of demon-touched warriors, her head cleanly seperated from her shoulders by the warrior's blade.

Finally the temple was opened, and the much-depleted and exhausted group escaped, with followers and allies of chance in tow.

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