The Three

“Great Feloqui, Hunter in the Dark, Foe of Fiends, Blade of the Righteous, grant me the Strength to not shrink from evil, to seek it out and defeat it in it’s very lair. Great Caalix, Dragon Born, Great Abjurer, Defender of the Weak, grant me the Foresight to protect those who require it, to be vigilant at all times for the approach of darkness, and to stand as a stalwart bulwark. Elona, War Mourner, Compassionate One, Great Healer, grant me the Compassion to see others not for what they have done, but for what they can achieve, to never neglect the hearts and souls of my charges, and to combat evil in every way and any form. Great Three, grant me the Will and the Way to be your instrument, to have your vision made manifest, so that all will be free of darkness. Let It Be.”

The Three are the last remaining deities of Good in the Bleeding World. They constitute a perfect triangle, the most resilient shape in both engineering and magic. All are dedicated to defeating Evil, and their talents and foci blend together to be stronger than any one alone.

The worship of the Three consists of the veneration of three deities forming a tight pantheon that is dedicated to the combat of evil.


As the name suggests, the religion of the Three revolves around three deities, each representing an aspect or strategy in the fight against evil. The deities are as follows

  • Feloqui: Feloqui advocates hunting down and destroying Evil wherever it can be found. Worshippers of Feloqui range from rogue daemon hunters to urban saboteurs, but the commonality is an active confrontation of Evil. Of all worshippers, those who worship Feloqui are the most likely to roam between temples.
  • Caalix: Caalix like Feloqui, confronts physical Evil. Unlike Feloqui, he advocates the defence of Good, ensuring that the few bastions of the Holy remain inviolate. He is also the patron of Arcane magic through a compact with his late wife. As such, Caalix's worshippers can range from bookish scholars to steadfast temple guardians.
  • Elona: Elona confronts Evil in an entirely different fashion to her fellows. She is concerned with the damage done to the body, mind and soul. She is a listener, councillor, healer and guide to the downtrodden and hurting. By seeking to undo the tendency toward contempt, racism, sexism and other inequalities, she strives to prevent the circumstances that drive people to Evil. While most of her worshippers are extraordinary healers, many are political activists and infiltrators, and some are skilled exorcists.

Prominent Figures

The religion of the Three has spent centuries being oppressed, so prominent figures are almost always local. Known prominent figures include

  • Typhenon: Typhenon is the newly appointed Primarch, theoretical leader of the entire faith.
  • Joseph: Joseph is the Master of Dawn, leader of the followers of Feloqui in Epiach. His current whereabouts is unknown and he is insubordinately refusing to make it known. His duties have yet to be redistributed.
  • Jorunn: Jorunn is the Mistress of Noon, leader of the followers of Caalix in Epiach. Her recent decent into full madness has left her position unfulfilled, but no official move to replace her has been made. Meanwhile, her duties are being preformed by a number of lesser clergy.
  • Kolsqeg: Kolskegg is the Master of Dusk, leader of the followers of Elona in Epiach. He remains a steadfast and sympathetic supporter of Typhenon.





Worshippers of the Three most often live in small, secret communities. Some of these communities can be found far from others, in impenetrable jungle, desert or mountain, but most are in amongst others, their need to minister to a dying world to strong to allow them to remain apart. All these communities
remain hidden, however. The worship of the Three is almost universally reviled by authorities. While the exact details are rarely known, worshippers are commonly accused of heresy and insurgency, charges which are often true, the manifest purpose of Three worship is to destroy Evil faiths and governments.

In a world of Evil, Good forms hidden cults.

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