Thelemitism is the magic art of enforcing one's will upon reality. While other magical arts rely on the use of specific formulae, motions or invocations, thelemites simply pour out their will and have it take form in the world. As a result, only a few people are able to perform such magics, and they very rarely band together into any sort of order or organisation. In fact, unless they manage to develop control over their powers at a relatively early age, then they will quite likely present a danger to both themselves and their companions.

Since it represents a raw outpouring of personal will and power, thelemitism can manifest itself in a multitude of different ways. It may be something as simple and subtle as a game of cards seeming to go the right way, or it may be as obvious as the wielder vocally venting his anger at something, only to have it shatter or burst into flames. The only real thing that thelemitist's powers have in common, is that they tend to very strongly reflect the personality of the wielder.

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