Theosteris is a priest and sage in service to Caalix of the Three.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human (Dimrosian)
Weapon of choice Knowledge and magic
Religion Caalix of The Three
Current Location Heaven
Role Magic Item Factory


Born and raised in the Temple of the Three at Cryopolis, Theosteris showed at a very young age that he was likely destined for great things under the service of Caalix. An unquestionable genius, his aptitude for both lore and the arts of magic - both divine and arcane - made him a cause for celebration amongst the inhabitants of the temple.

Though he outstripped all others of his age - and indeed, many adults - as a child, he was never intentionally haughty or overbearing with his superiority, always willing to assist anyone who needed his help with knowledge, though he often forgot that those around him did not know all he did, and needed to reel back his speeches on the subjects.

However, the blessed lack of arrogance in his attitude changed dramatically as he came of age, and began working earnestly to state that the temple needed to take a greater interest in the world around it. Though such an attitude clashed harshly with Caalix's teachings, he argued that the temple was as safe as it was ever going to get, that their current works were perfected, and that the temple could do more for the surrounding regions. Despite his carefully laid, slow-working and cautious plans, the elders of the temple had their ways set in stone, and refused to implement them. The first point of contention between Theos and his temple was made, and it only went downhill from there.

Theosteris began ranging out of the temple shortly afterwards, as his own power began to near that of the others in the temple, counting on his own inherent wits and magical capacity to see him through. He researched in various cities, visiting most of the major cities of the area but failing to locate their temples - information he had not managed to extract from his masters - and in his travels came across no small number of texts and items - some created by himself, others obtained through means of various levels of legality. Small, damaging, anonymous raids on temples of the Dimrosian gods - specifically the One Sun - gained him a quiet sense of satisfaction, and interesting texts on their workings. Though the temple gained from his workings, they feared more that his actions would bring ruin upon them all.

His last journey was to visit the heavenly realms themselves - lending his considerable magical prowess to their battles, and questing on their behalf where Celestials could not tread, in return for training beyond the capacity of his temple and a truly magnificent gift from above - the Silver Wings of Caalix. Though his works above may or may not have assisted considerably in the protection of the last heavenly bastions, he is only now coming to realise how much effort went to protecting his destruction above, and beginning to wonder whether his journey was more for their benefit - or a learning experience for him…

Upon returning to the mortal realm, he was immediately placed under the service of the Primarch - assumedly to keep him out of trouble - and has spent most of his time since trying to figure out what on earth has happened to Epiach…

Physical description

Theosteris is a slim man in his mid-twenties, of above average height for a Dimrosian. Beyond that, his appearance is somewhat mutable, as one of the first magical trinkets he created is one which subtly alters his appearance to those around him - not enough to pass even a cursory tactile check, but he uses it to blend in where blending is needed, and often to soften some of his own appearance.

His hair is kept short, and his beard usually trimmed close to off - with his illusion in place, should he desire to look cleaner and important, to appear totally clean-shaven. He wears simple, comfortable clothing under a robe which the illusion often keeps looking like that of a peasant, but in its true form appears like silver dragon wings coiled around him - a gift from the heavens which he treasures greatly.

He wields no weapon bar a simple walking staff, and no armour bar the robe. It is quite clear that he is no warrior…

But one of his most striking features is his eyes. Ever since he returned from the heavens, his eyes have shone with a clear royal blue, wiping out pupil, iris or white. Even when he uses magic to disguise them, the blue remains in his irises, a strong and quite possibly unnatural blue. He's still getting used to this…


Almost all of Theos's magical gear was either designed and enchanted by his own hands or gifted to him in the heavens.

The Wings of Caalix - A gift of the heavens and Theos's most prized possession, this sacred artifact offers nearly peerless protection from threats both mundane and magical, and boosts Theos's power to boot. Not to mention looking awesome, especially when he takes flight…

Band of Focus - A simple circlet, appearing at first to be of hardly precious origin - perhaps a family heirloom. In actuality, it is indeed composed of precious metals, gems, and magic. This band focus's Theos' already sharp intellect.

Symbol of Faith - Much like the circlet, this appears to be a simple iron pendant, perhaps not valueless but hardly interesting - but it, too, is precious and magical, bringing Theos the wisdom to continue his work and a closer connection to the gods.

Broach of illusion - One of Theos's first enchanted items, this little tool produces a weak illusion over his body - its effects are only subtle, but sufficient in many cases to conceal him.

Store of Magic - appearing a simple traveller's bag at Theos's side, this was one of his first attempts at creativity, taking a well-practised magical item usually designed for archers' bows and arrows, and redesigning it to hold his collection of wands, staves, scrolls, rods, and his spellbook. It's surprisingly difficult to get into if you're not Theos.

Tome of the Protector - a wondrous spellbook which holds far, far many more pages than its size implies, holding Theos' extensive knowledge of magic within.

Wand collection: Theos has created a vast collection of wands, which he keeps with him for emergencies.

Mage's hands - Theos's gloves allow him to manipulate small objects at a distance. Generally used for handling things he has no desire to touch.

Rods: Theos owns a collection of rods which enhance his magic. These have been assigned from his temple and raids - the methods of their creation have been lost to history.


Typhenon - Theos hasn't known the new Primarch long, but his opinion of the man has travelled from extreme positive to extreme negative in that short time. At first seeing him as a possibility to do everything that Theos had hoped for - a chance to actually act and make a solid change in the world for good - he soon came to distrust the Primarch, who seemed to have little idea what he was doing or how to do it - and eventually, when he called out for help to a possible demon instead of the Three, Theos lost all patience or hope for him.

It will take a great deal for Theos to regain his trust after this effective betrayal, a blow which nearly weakened his faith in the Three for their choice. However, he has found his own justification, and continues to do everything he can to keep the changes rolling - though so far, it seems to be little more than a holding action against the forces of evil…

Hida Sang - The warrior queen of the Yu is probably Theos's closest ally amongst the group he has found himself in. With a solid honesty and mutual respect for each other's talents, the two of them have - if not grown close - at least gained some degree of trust for each other.

Theos has been waiting some time for a chance to discuss plans and beliefs with the queen. However, the chance has not yet arisen, with the chaos that has occurred… but he considers her a worthy ally of the Three, especially now that she has the blade of Yu - and helping her in her quests - both personal and otherwise - is high on his priorities.

Usami Maiko - A rift opened quite quickly between Maiko and Theos. Though it is far from open hostility, Theos has accepted that she has her own ways of doing things and has little time for his - and that she is far closer to Typhenon than any of the others. He trusts that what she does is for the greater good - but a long time dealing with those who stubbornly refuse to listen to him has taught him to recognise them, and he has far more productive ways to use his time. If she seeks his knowledge or his companionship, he will gladly give it; until that time, he will deal with her as necessary, and likely little more.

Kukulkan - The shapeshifting Shyless sun-mystic seems to care little for human matters. Theos has recognised his talents for magic in areas which are outside that of his Theurgy and Sympathism, and has every intention of attempting to glean as much knowledge as possible of the Shyless culture, magic, and anything and everything else… if only Kukulkan would stay in one place long enough to teach it.

There's a respect of sorts between the two of them. Theos knows that, at the very least, Kukulkan works for the greater good against the greater evil - but it's not for the Three that he works, and it's been made fairly clear that any attempt to change that fact will be soundly rebuffed. He's difficult to trust, predict, or read, but nothing yet has been seen that suggests he doesn't work towards the same goals…

Current State

Deceased but in Heaven with the Three.

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