Tribal Structure

Social Structure of the Orc

The orc tribal system is a little more complicated than you'd expect. Notrik refers to the individual family group, known as a Clan. A clan will consist of a few hundred individuals and exist in a given location and constitute most of the members of a village. The clan name is also used as the name of the village. Saber-Beasts refers to the group of closely allied and related clans, known as the Tribe. Each tribe takes a worthy animal as it's totem, in this case the Saber-Beast, and is essentially a small nation.

A clan is ruled by a Nok'Lar (Spirit Chosen), who has almost supreme authority derived from a perceived spiritual blessing. Transitions between leaders can be violent, with succession following no patten except direct designation of a heir. In many cases this has lead to clans falling to infighting and eventually breaking apart into new clans. The Nok'Lar is advised by two councils, one consisting of warriors and known as the Neng'Var (Circle of War) and the other of Shamans and other 'Right-Hand Path' worshipers known as the Kor'Var (Circle of Wisdom), and thus by proxies the spirits and ancestors of the tribe. In both instances age and accomplishment is vital to secure a place as a Ti'Lek'Var (One who sits at the Circle). The warriors of the Neng'Var act as an inner circle of military elites, while the members of the Kor'Var are the chief priests of the clan.

A tribe is ruled by a Ti'Sek'Lar (One who is Loved by the Spirits), who is chosen by vision quest from amongst the Nok'Lar. This elevates that clan to status of Jent'Vir (Most Worthy). The vision quest is conducted by the Ti'Nok'Var (The Circle of those who Choose), an incredibly powerful body of priests. The Ti'Nok'Var has the power to conduct a vision quest any time it sees necessary, but rarely does so frivolously. The Ti'Sek'Lar is advised by their own Neng'Var and Kor'Var councils.

Ultimately, despite the proliferation of titles and offices, orc politics and society are both far more fluid and dynamic than the typical human nation. The notion of hereditary rule is almost unheard of, amongst orcs it is personal ability, ambition and the will of the spirits that secures power.

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