Trionfi is a Domenan custom and belief involving the random drawing of a card at the birth of every child. This card is supposed to represent the life of the newborn.

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The Cards

The Fool, representing innocence and freedom. Fools are often raised to become great entertainers in Domenan

The Magician, representing creativity and determination. Magicians are often great artists or inventors.

The High Priestess, represents patience and calmness. High Priestesses are often raised as great scholars.

The Empress, representing sexuality and satisfaction. Empresses are almost exclusively trained in the arts of lovemaking.

The Emperor, representing power and order. Emperors are often raised to join the Imperial Bureaucracy.

The Hierophant, representing obedience and tradition. Hierophants are frequently trained as bodyguards for important people.

The Lovers, representing passion and personal belief. Lovers frequently end up as thieves or other criminals.

The Chariot, representing honour and willpower. Chariots are raised to join the Domenan military.

Strength, representing composure and perseverance. Strengths are trained as craftsmen.

The Hermit, representing silence and solitude. Hermits are frequently trained as monks of one of the deities.

Fortune, which has no representation. Fortunes are shunned by society, and believed to steal the luck of those around them.

Justice, representing coldness and rationality. Justices are raised as elite soldiers dedicated to maintaining the laws of the empire.

The Hanged Man, representing sacrifice and conformism. Hanged Men become peasants and farmers.

Death, representing change and regeneration. Deaths are rare and unpredictable, but invariably cause great changes within the empire.

Temperance, representing harmony and healing. Temperances are usually raised towards the priesthood.

The Devil, representing materialism and egotism. Devils make up over 80% of the merchant class.

The Tower, representing downfall and ruin. Towers are killed immediately after their drawing, lest they destroy the empire.

The Star, representing inspiration and harmony. Stars have been known to make excellent teachers.

The Moon, representing illusion and deception. Moons can end up as anything from a member of the bureaucracy to a merchant to a tradesmen, but they are almost invariably trouble for all those who associate with them.

The Sun, representing vitality and splendor. Suns excel at everything they do, and are trained for whatever the empire needs at the time.

Judgment, representing absolution and redemption. Judgements are rare, and every head of each church in Domenas has always been a judgment.

The World, representing happiness and harmony. Worlds are the rarest of all, there being only one every 100 years on average. They are raised with their every wish fulfilled at a word although they must remain virgins, and on their 17th birthday are sacrificed to the gods.

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