Tsiran is the working name for the continent that Taranth's game will be built on. Very little of this is yet GM-approved, and likely will not be.

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Tsiranic Creatures


Places & Politics:

The Empire Aeterna

A holy empire held by humans which is known for revelling in its own perfection.

  • Custodis: The central west territory, Custodis holds quite strong ties to Caementi, whose lands it borders.
  • Umbern: Southwest territory, south of Custodis and sharing a border with Storm's Hold. Known for barbaric power.
  • Libitura: Northwest territory, has recently lost some territory in the Myrmelachin expansions.
  • Lacrimas: Northeast territory, this region holds the strongest naval ties to the northern seas.
  • Aeternam: South of Lacrimas and near-central to the empire, this is the capital region.
  • Maiori: South of Aeternam, this long, thin territory is the source of the magical strength of the empire.
  • Respican: Mountain range stretching between Aeternam and Maiori on one side, and Volente and Cavdala on the other.
  • Volente: South of Umbern and west of Caudala, this region is known as an enemy of Storm's Hold, fighting their beasts on land and sea.
  • Caudala: Southwest of Respican, this region has only recently been added to the empire.


A very small nation with extreme power. All of its cities are built into, or around, mountains, and the entire region is situated in a circular mountain range, within which strange powers are at play.

  • Marmoris, the capital city, is a beautiful city crafted of marble and precious stones and metals.
  • Scrupeis, a city dedicated to industry, rarely visited on a whim.
  • Crystallis, a city dedicated to magical knowledge and power.
  • Lapidaionis, a city dedicated to the craft and execution of war, facing the endless hordes of Storm's Hold.

(Three more cities to be latinised…)

Storm's Hold

A land of chaos, destruction, and a constant fight for survival.

Myrmelachin Hives

Land held by the Myrmelach, an insect-like people who seek to control the whole continent.

The Dragon's Belt

Three dragon-held territories hold a belt of land running from north to south, running from the northern coast to the forest of Shadow's Maw, seperating The Empire Aeterna from what is now Talyssia and the Demonscar. All three were once far larger, but recent events (Mainly involving Talyssia) have seen them vastly reduced in size and number.

  • Luran, the southernmost of the three dragon-held nations east of the Empire Aeterna
  • Maran, the central dragon-held nation
  • Aravalan, the northern-most.

Shadow's Maw

A vast area of incredibly thick forest to the south of Aeterna, the Dragon's Belt, and the Demonscar.


The previous lands of those who fled to Exile, and now under the control of demonic hordes.


A nation east of the Dragon's Belt and north of the Demonscar, which has recently taken to assaulting the dragons - with a disturbing level of success.

The Eight Tribes

A region of harsh wilderness to the north of Talyscia where eight tribes of humans eke out their existance with little interference from beyond their lands.

  • The Cat Tribe has recently broken up and moved from their lands, their members scattering, for reasons not yet understood by their fellows…


Chapter 1 - Life's Crossroads

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