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Tsuruchi family

The Tsuruchi family are now a part of the Mantis Clan, however originally they were the Wasp Clan. Their clan colors were black and gold.


In 1109, Tsuruchi, born of a Scorpion and a Lion and betrayed by both clans, retook the castle that had been his birthright from his uncle, slaughtering all within. In the ensuing uproar, Tsuruchi presented his case to Emerald Champion Doji Satsume, a Crane with a distaste for both clans. Tsuruchi was declared innocent of any wrong doing and was given leave to create his own minor clan. Tsuruchi's followers had long since given him the nickname "Little Wasp," so there was little debate over the name for their new clan. Thus, the Wasp Clan was born.

Tsuruchi Daimyo

The following is a listing of all Tsuruchi Daimyo since their founding in 1109. Before joining the Mantis, they were called the Wasp Clan Champion.
Tsuruchi 1109 - 1133
Tsuruchi Ichiro 1133 - 1165
Tsuruchi Nobumoto 1165 - Present

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