Tsuruchi Shou

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Tsuruchi Shou is regarded as one of the greatest captains the Mantis ever had. His ability to inspire and rally his crew is legendary, and in the highpoint of his career he was appointed the position of Fleet Admiral, commander over all the warships of the clan. He was a daring, brave and charming man and is much missed by the clan.

Character Quick Facts
Date of Birth 2098
Date of Death 2117
Race Human, Silverstari (Mantis clan, Tsuruchi family)
Weapon of choice Kama
Clan Mantis



Not much of Shou’s childhood has been recorded, his parents weren’t particularly important to the clan and he never showed any real potential for quite a while. His only interest for a long time was the <instrument>, which he grew very proficient at, but something was always missing.

It was on his first voyage at sea that Shou realised what his life needed, and within days he had grown to love the Ocean. When he returned to Mantis lands, he immediately set about learning everything he could of ships and the sea, constantly digging for more knowledge. It was this hunger for knowledge and sudden display of potential that brought him to the attension of Yoritomo Masaru.

Masaru had been in retirement for a year at this point, and he was beginning to think the Serpent would be doomed to remain at port forever. He'd gone into teaching in the hopes of finding someone to give his magnificent vessel to, but word of the enthusiasm and quick learning of Tsuruchi Shou renewed his hope. For two years, Masaru trained young Shou and taught him everything he knew of captaining. It was Shou's focus to command that first alerted Masaru of the fact that he'd become a greater captain than himself, Masaru always preferred to lead from the front with his blade, but this young captain would best be suited at the back, monitoring the situation and issuing orders as soon as anything changed.

After those two years, as Masaru told Shou he had nothing left to teach him, he gave Shou the Silver Serpent, and told him to go out and do his clan proud.

The Serpent Rides Again

The spirits of the whole Mantis clan were lifted when the Silver Serpent first set sail again, after remaining dormant for so long. Already, people were beginning to believe that there were great things ahead for this ship, it had a destiny all of its own. At sea, Shou never accumulated the fierce reputation his master had, he was without the same cutthroat passion, instead, Shou just wanted to help his clan in whatever way he could.

This is not to say that ships who crossed the serpent didn't undergo the same misfortune that they had when faced with the ship's previous owner, simply that Shou did not go looking for trouble in the way that Masaru had. Trouble seemed to find him often enough that he could stick to his trade routes and simply pick up a little extra on the side. In an amazingly short period of time, Tsuruchi Shou was appointed to the position of Fleet Admiral, and the Silver Serpent became the flagship for the Mantis Armada.

The Battle of Chiba Strait

Tsuruchi Shou's contribution in The Battle of Chiba Strait is well documented, but sadly it claimed his life. He will not be soon forgotten.


Tsuruchi Shou taught in his short time, that one should always do what was best for their family, and their clan. Always try to help others, but do not let them take advantage of you. Be kind unto others, but remain firm in your beliefs. Shou constantly fought against the Mantis stereotype, but alas, his untimely death occurred before he could make any real impact on the rest of the empire.

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