Typhenon is the first Primarch of the united religion of The Three. The healer of the group, he is also a decent warrior. Granted Avatar status by the Three.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Epiach
Weapon of choice Greataxe
Religion The Three
Current Location Ibnsaidora, ruins thereof
Role Primarch



At twenty-three years of age and standing 6' tall, Typhenon is a handsome young man, though his features do tend toward the delicate side of things. He has eerily pale gray eyes and short brown hair - an odd colouration for one of the Northfolk, who are known for their blonde hair, blue eyes combination. He has pale skin, though that of his left arm is a solid black from the elbow down with small flecks of silver embedded in a band around his hand - a result of channeling too much of the Three's power. While his frame is definitely covered in muscle, it is lean, even after all his training with heavy armour and weapons.
He is generally clean shaven and well groomed, doing his best, even when time is short, to maintain his appearance.

Until recently, he had sported an impressive collection of scars, but his time in heaven saw him healed, not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically, leaving him whole, once again, in mind, body and spirit. He just hopes he can keep it that way.


Life Before the Three

Typhenon remembers little of his life before the streets of Epiach, not even the name he was given at birth.

He grew up amongst the other orphaned and abandoned children, although his lack of finesse made him a poor thief. Even so, he was able to get by through applications of force. It wasn't above him to bully a smaller individual into giving him their takings - only to have him share the resultant meal with his 'victim'.

Unfortunately, this didn't fit well with the larger bands, especially when he began associating with the older thieves, and he soon found himself alone and having to learn how to pick pockets. He was lucky that he didn't have to rely on his skills for long.

The Temple

Seemingly by chance, when he found himself cold and hungry from lack of success, he attempted to steal from a robed man, one of a group wandering the streets together. Fortunately for him his chosen target had been a priest of The Three, and after noting the condition - and the potential - of the boy attempting to steal the holy symbol hidden at their belt, had taken the child with them when they had returned the the hidden Temple far below the city.

There he was introduced to another youngster, an orc named Drog. Though Typhenon was a couple of years older than the orc, they formed an unusual friendship, possibly due to the fact he never treated Drog any differently from how he dealt with anyone else.
He still considers Drog his closest friend, even though more than ten years have past and neither of them are the same as they once were.

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And so it was that a street thug was (mostly) polished, through years of religious devotion and physical training, into a priest of The Three - and more importantly, a priest who balanced the aspects of all three gods.

For the Three

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To say that Typhenon simply follows the Three is an understatement. They are the very reason for his existence. He would do anything for them - as long as it didn't hurt those around him (not that they would ask such a thing…) - even if it causes himself anguish in the process.

While Typhenon is a martial individual - that axe is not just for show - he is a healer first and foremost, and is just as likely to attempt to stabilise a dying enemy than heal a still standing ally. As a result, he doesn't like hurting people. His recent year in heaven has changed his perception on this slightly, and he no longer hesitates to strike down mortal foes of Good, as well as the worst spawn of evil - demons and undead.

He still holds true to his belief that everyone deserves a chance to be saved, but he is slowly coming to the realisation that not everyone can be saved. He is also having a sense of discretion about who he can trust driven into him, especially after the disastrous incident in Jin's Temple. He only hopes that he won't be forced to question everyone's motives too much and possibly damage the chance to help them.


A very unexpected turn of events for him….

Avatar of the Three

…but not as much as this was.


It's getting there…
Holy Symbol - Another gift from the Historian, Typhenon was given this after his actions managed to destroy two other holy symbols. Made from gold, the triangular pendant and matching chain are enchanted in a way that allows anyone using it to create a better connection with the realm of Good, and so have greater success when channeling the Three to either ward against, or destroy, undead.
Amulet of Retributive Healing -
Armour - Not entirely sure. Is enchanted to give greater protection to the wearer and has the ability to turn even the most deadly, and well aimed, of blows. Can be summoned to Typhenon if he is within the same plane as it is, as long as no magical wards against teleportation surround either of them, and will appear upon him with nary an effort besides the brief concentration required. Getting the armour off, unfortunately, still takes the normal amount of time.
Armour Crystal (Greater Lifekeeping) - +5 Bonus to saves against nastiness
Helm - Made from mithril and a flat white with gold edging, this full-faced helm grants its wearer the ability to heal themselves of damage they had received previously.
Gauntlets of War -
Greataxe - Not entirely sure. +1 Sacred Burst, Metalline. It was recently broken by the elf Rastareal just after the group had saved Adneil, Ariadne and Jin from being sacrificed.
Weapon Crystal (Lesser Truedeath) - Ghost touched, extra damage against undead.
Ring - A ring made from entwined gold and silver wires, it has been enchanted for protection.
Cloak of Resistance +3 -
Belt of Battle -


Typhenon has a habit of trying to get to know everyone. So here is the abridged list, ie. that consisting of people he's met on several occasions and/or actually had a decent conversation with. At least as far as the non-deity-like entities go. Anything more powerful gets a mention because it really should…

Current Company

(In order of appearance)
Kukulkan - Even after all this time, Typhenon doesn't know what to make of his shape-shifting companion. Every time he seems to finally figure something out about the reptilian shaman, another piece of information will come to light, or Kukulkan will act in an unexpected way, and he'll have to start all over again…

Sang, Hida - Her Majesty, the Queen of the Yu… Champion of Yu, the Archangel of Courage. Sent to protect him. After a rough first meeting, he has tried very hard to earn Sang's respect and, he hopes, her friendship. But it seems that for every step he takes forward to improve their relationship, he always manages to do something within quick succession that will send him back five…
He wants to lead her toward the Three, but is afraid if he starts pushing anything relating to his Gods upon her with any fervor that she will recoil from them and him.
He will be the first to admit that he is fairly nervous at putting her into dangerous situations while pregnant with her and Kaji's first children, but quickly came to the conclusion if he mentioned anything of the sort he'd quickly find himself punched in the face, or thrown off the closest convenient tall building…
He hasn't forgotten his promise to tell her everything he can about what's going on - there just hasn't been a time to do so. He wants to get the discussion in before she has to be back in Tokai, but is worried about lack of appropriate times and places.

Maiko, Usami - Chosen of Jin, the Archangel of Compassion… … …So why is she so against a deserved sleep in? But that's an argument for another time and place.
She has definitely mellowed in the time he's known her - to the point she will now actually accept a hug without griping. Too much…
The ritual he used to cleanse her soul of the Mother's taint saw some kind of spiritual bond form between the two, and he has found himself turning to the Jin woman more and more frequently as a source of friendship and comfort.

Adneil/R - … … …


Amphetrion -
Blister - A baby, acid breathing, golden dragon. 'nuff said!
Drog - Typhenon's oldest friend, he and the orc have known each other for over ten years. The fact he has recently been out of contact with Drog for several months has been a worrying situation, but he trusts his friend's abilities - if not the power of the Three to keep him safe.
Ephiarties -
Garreth - While they are relatively good friends, their relationship has been strained by the young Caesar trying to influence the political situation involving the Temple. The fact that he is Garreth's superior within the Temple has done nothing but compound the problem.
Hedoramod - One of Feloqui's Malakim. A fierce warrior in the fight against Evil, and hard to keep down!
Helena - A child that Typhenon saved by cutting from her mother's recently dead body. She is currently being looked after by Zoe, an Elonan cleric in the Temple at Cryopoli (sp?).
The Historian -
Isadora - …oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!
Jin, Nakata/Shinobu, Chuda -
Joseph - Have no idea what to do with/about this man.
Kaji, Hida - Typhenon thinks the fact he's basically stolen the young king's wife to accompany him has probably put a bit of a dampener on even an attempt at a friendship. That aside, Kaji seems to be a good man and the pair have the cleric's best wishes for the future. He just hopes to never have to tell Kaji his wife will never be coming home - it is a situation that is looked upon with nothing less than sickening dread…
Katrina Wavesoul - A young woman who has temporarily given up a life captaining a ship at sea to assist Typhenon with the more political aspects of his job, mainly by doing the things in a way he wouldn't even consider. Seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot with the Druidic members of the Cult of the Tree.
Keichi - a shape-shifting monk.
Kolskegg - The only Master within the Temple that Typhenon actually had a friendly relationship with, he is a helpful and caring soul.
Lethe -
Masaru, Yoritomo -
Mataus - The young lord of Teifi.
Mya - This girl needs to get over her obsessive attraction to people with daemonic blood! It's not healthy…
Robert MacDougall -
Skarsnik -
Soulske -
Temujin, Moto - Before the recent 'realignment' of the cosmos that occurred when Temujin was raised from the dead, he was a priest of Caalix and both Typhenon's confidant and lover. Now he is neither, since he doesn't remember anything that had occurred within the past several years. This event has caused Typhenon nothing but anguish and heartache.
V/Vengance/Vetinari - A darkborn member of the Epiach council.

Deities/Deific-level Entities

(alphabetical order… after the Three, that is!)
The Three - My Gods. The Good ones.
Fu Leng - So this is the leader of the Shadowlands… Should probably find out more about him than a) his name, and b) the fact he rules the Shadowlands… >.<
Golden Dragon - Shiney…
The Mother - Something outside Good and Evil, Typhenon knows very little about her, except that she is 'BAD NEWS'(TM).
The Seven - It was bad enough before they were awake. Now we must be even more vigilant.
The Tree - As much as he gripes about the Tree, he actually sees her as a new step foward, if not Good, at least a powerful new ally for them.
Vesteriblix - Haven't actually met. Thankfully…


(In alphabetical order)
Jorunn - Deceased, yes. Gone, no… Now trapped as a ghost she still guards the entrance to the Epiach Temple.
Merunae, Hitomi -
Sargassus -
Theosteris -
Thyrul - The scars are gone, yet the memories still linger. While the thought of this man no longer give Typhenon nightmares, he still can't think back on him without a stab of fear. And a deep feeling of pity. He died once by the Lich's hand and almost suffered the same fate again when he was captured by the undead Mage, finding himself chained in a room and tortured for an unknown period of time. Typhenon was the one to deal the final blow against the Lich.


Spells, axe and persistence…

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