Yari is the term for spear, or more specifically, the straight-headed spear. The martial art of wielding the yari is called sōjutsu. Yari measure anywhere from one meter to upwards of six meters (3.3 to 20 feet). The longer versions are called omi no yari while shorter ones are known as mochi- or tae yari.

Historical Yari (OOC)

The longest versions were carried by foot troops (Ashigaru), while the samurai usually carried the shorter versions. Various types of Yari points or blades existed. The most common blade was a straight, flat, design that resembles a straight-bladed double edged dagger. This type of blade could cut as well as stab and was sharpened like a razor edge. A sheath for the blade called saya was also part of a complete yari.

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