Yoritomo Masaru

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Yoritomo Masaru is a hero of the Mantis clan, famous for his deadly swordplay, and for being the first captain of the infamous Silver Serpent. Whilst he is now reduced to serving the clan from shore, stories of his exploits are still widely circulated amongst the Mantis and there is little doubt he will become a legend of the clan.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari (Mantis clan, Yoritomo family)
Date of Birth 2089
Weapon of choice Sword
Current Location Mantis Lands
Role Mentor and Hero


Masaru was practically born with a sword in his hand; he spent his entire childhood training to fight with a wide array of melee weapons. He quickly conquered any challenge set for him, and was the kind of man to always want to push himself further, which is why it’s little surprise to discover he was accepted as a Storm Legionaire at the age of twenty.

For a few years, he worked his way up the ranks of this semi-secret and elite group of mantis, mastering the arts of piracy and captaining, and his reputation spread throughout the seas. It was in the prime of his fame that he commissioned himself a new ship, the “Silver Serpent”, a ship specifically designed for his needs.

For the next five years, there was no coastal water in the Empire that was safe from Yoritomo Masaru and the Silver Serpent, dozens of cargo ships disappeared, whilst the Mantis clan’s merchants grew increasingly wealthy, miraculously able to pass the seas in relative safety.

However, no one lasts forever, and in a minor skirmish over the contents of someone’s cargo hold, Masaru suffered a grievous wound to his left leg. Despite the best efforts of the clan’s healers, the leg was left lame, and as a result Masaru had to rely on a stout cane to support his weight, effectively ending his life as a free roaming terror. He took up a position at one of the clan schools, and spent the next years passing on his knowledge to the next generation of Mantis warriors.

Current State

Despite his injury, Yoritomo Masaru still travels Mantis lands extensively. He has taught at nearly every school, obvious exceptions being the Shegenja schools, and constantly roams, searching for gifted pupils he feels are worthy to be taught by him. Few pupils are accepted to become his students, and fewer still pass their Gempukku, Masaru is notorious for setting highly challenging ones, although the pupil is often in little mortal danger. Those who complete their training with Masaru are expected to go on and do great things.


Yoritomo Masaru's legacy is an unusual one. He always taught to fight smart, not honourable. If you opponent has a weakness, take advantage of it. He justified it that the other clans were always going to look on the Mantis, call them dishonurable no matter what we did, so we might as well use every advantage we get.

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