Yu Army

The Grand Army of Yu is the current military of the Kingdom of Yu in the Empire of Silverstars. It is the most modern iteration of a long military tradition stretching over two thousand years. It is mostly a defensive force consisting of suburb infantry and archery, but a paucity of cavalry. The army is based around a distinction between noble-born Bushi and commoner-born Ashigaru. Layered over this is a distinction between the Wall Guard, garrison forces and offensive forces.

Military life suffuses all levels of Yu society, with military and social rank being identical. While all Yu citizens are trained to fight, the army itself consists of professional soldiers, paid and conscripted as a career, with pay and benefits being dependent on rank and class.


Among Yu soldiers, the smallest organization is called a Brotherhood. This was a group of ten soldiers that shared barracks and ate together. A Quan (fist) is the next highest organization, consisting of twelve Brotherhoods of infantry of six Brotherhoods of cavalry. At this point organization starts to differ. The next highest group is a Lianxi (link), consisting of a variable number Quan of various types. The sizes of Lianxi differ from branch to branch in the army. As an example, a Wall Guard Lianxi comprises five Quan of Zhongong-Bushi, four Quan of Zhongaru-Renmin, three Quan of Jiuxing-Renmin and two Quan of Zhui-Ma. Above this is the Jiating (household), consisting of all the Lianxi in a reasonable area and mostly an administrative unit. When on campaign, forces would be gathered into Taifeng (typhoon), a temporary unit encompassing all military and support units in a given army. Even further above this is a Ping (screen), consisting of all the forces fighting in a given campaign or on a given front.

Weapons and equipment

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Yu soldiery have a marked tendency toward the employment of heavy armours, much more widespread than in any other kingdom. The use of large weapons is also marked, as is the use of shields, which are rare in more traditional kingdoms. The bow is favoured over the crossbow for its speed advantage.


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Senior Officers

  • Shogun: Overall commander of a Ping. Normally a temporary position, the Shogun of the Wall Guard has existed for over fifteen hundred years. This rank is always appointed by the King.

Junior Officers

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Both noble and peasant would train from puberty with the use of at least one weapon. Around fifteen, perspective soldiers would apply to dojo for additional training. By around sixteen, young soldiers would be eligible to enter the full army. At this time, Bushi would take their Gempuku, usually involving a tour of duty on the Wall.


Yu training

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