This demigod is not official in the slightest.

A twisted being of chaos and darkness, Zaah is a demigod and a signifigant force to be reckoned with.

Weapon of choice Spiked Chain
Portfolio Chaos, Destruction, War
Role Manipulation, Chaos, War and Corruption
Symbol Skull wrapped in chains


Zaah "The Wretched" is a being of great power who holds a noose around all of the continent of Ekkido. Rather than concentrating his corrupting power on one area, creating a demiplane
which bends all to his will, Zaah allowed his power to seep out everywhere, tainting an entire continent with a darkness not strong enough to bend those touched to his will. Regardless, his influence has touched all throughout †he land's history, sparking wars, causing chaos and disarray wherever he could.


Possibly the scariest thing about the Wretched is his total disregard for any and all life. Those who worship him do so because they depend on him for power, but he feels no closeness or attachment to them, and could care less if they were all to be wiped out. All things are just toys to him, good for his own personal amusement and little more.


Much of Zaah's power comes from the miasma of Dark Magic that clouds the land. Cunningly crafted, Dark Magic can allow one to perform remarkable acts, but consumes their very soul to do so. Those who give their souls to Zaah become mad and decrepit, before finally turning into beings of darkness devoted to him. The most dangerous of all these beings are the Darkcasters, master magi of the dark arts. These mages have studied dark magic the majority of their life, and have mastered the ability to cast of dark magic despite no longer having the soul power within them the magic consumes, by focusing a spell to draw upon the energy of life around it, rather than the caster.


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